Find Your Unique Word for 2021

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Your word for 2021 represents your energy, captures your attitude and is your companion for the new year constantly reminding you of what’s most important to you. Your word will help you to make decisions, it’ll give you focus and lead you with clarity.

Let’s look back: my word for 2019 was creativity! It helped me to take a month off to focus on reconnecting with my creativity, which led to a lot of creative experiences. I took acting classes, acted as an extra, and even filmed my very first own short movie.

In this post, I’ll detail how I discovered my word for the year. Follow these five steps to find your word for 2021:

1. Reflect

Write down your reflections on the following questions:

  • Which insights did I get in 2020?
  • How would I like to embrace those in 2021?
  • Which wishes, dreams and needs do I have right now?
  • How do I want to feel in 2021?
  • In which areas would I like to develop personally and professionally?

Answering these kind of questions will provide you with some first associations and ideas for your word.

2. Breathe

Now take your time to let these associations and ideas develop, without consciously working on them. Some people like to meditate for a couple of minutes, or they grab their coat and take a short walk in the fresh cold air. Some people prefer to simply watch the clouds in the sky. Take a couple of deep breaths, so that you’ll get comfortable and calm.

3. Feel

By now you’ll have come up with a couple of words. Which are those? Maybe words like love, courage, freedom, adventure or actions like writing, moving, forgiving, or adjectives like generous, confident, light. Write these words down and feel in: Which words seem to be a good fit for my 2021?

4. Relax

Let those words sink in for a while. Take your time, a couple of hours or maybe some days. Ask yourself every now and then: How does my perception of these words develop?

5. Celebrate

Suddenly, it’ll click. You’ll feel relaxation, energy, and inspiration. Then you’ll know you’ve found your word for 2021!

The very last step is to integrate your word in your daily life, so it reminds you on a constant basis on what’s important to you this year. Connect it with your goals, write about it in your journal or visualize it next to your desk.

What’s your word for 2021?

Share your word with the Hashtag #2021myword and tag me via on Instagram and Facebook or @PaulusChristine on Twitter. Happy to read your thoughts on this!

I wish you all the best for 2020! 👏

Will 2021 be your best year ever?

Finding your word for 2021 is one big first step for a fulfilling 2021. Do you want to go one step further?

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